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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Presiding Bishop's Budget Released Today

The Draft Proposed Budget of the Executive Council was received by
Program Budget and Finance  in late January and since that time the
members of the Program Budget and Finance Committee have been reaching
out to the Church for comments.

Our members have conducted numerous interviews with a diverse group of
individuals including both staff and representatives of programs served.
We have attended Synod meetings and have received a wide variety of
comments and ideas about the various items that we should include in the
Proposed Budget presented to the General Convention in July.  We
continue to receive comments through the various official and unofficial
forms of communication in our Church.  We welcome them all.

The budget submitted today by the Presiding Bishop is yet another form
of information for the Program Budget and Finance Committee.  The
process for shaping the final draft document will begin with the
hearings held at our upcoming General Convention.

As chair of PB&F, my thanks to all of you for your support and input as
we continue the work of our Church.

Diane B. Pollard,  Chair
Joint Standing Committee Program Budget and Finance


  1. Thank you, Diane! It's good to know, and have it publicly stated, that the democratically elected representatives of the people of the Episcopal Church will prayerfully consider all points of view before acting on this important matter. The Presiding Bishop's is but one of those voices, and should not overwhelm all the others.

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  3. Forma, the association for Episcopal educators, is endorsing the Presiding Bishop's proposed triennial budget and budget rationale for these reasons:
    We strongly support the principles of the Five Marks of Mission around which this budget is constructed.
    We recognize that this proposal offers a constructive, hopeful way forward in these difficult and overly polarized times.
    We find that this budget will best serve our Forma membership and allow us to act in ways that align resources-human and financial-for church-wide commitment to lifelong faith formation ministry.
    Wendy Claire Barrie, Forma Vice President